Putting an object into a person's pocket without that person knowing it. Also: putpocketing.
put-pocket, putpocket n.
Example Citations:
London police warned Friday that an advertising campaign for a mobile phone operator involving former pickpockets actually slipping money into people's pockets could cause trouble. In the "put-pocketing" stunt for TalkTalk, a total of 100,000 pounds will be 'given back' to recession-hit Brits by a 20-strong team of former pickpockets.
—" London police oppose 'put-pocketing' stunt: http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5g9QDF-ZK7jNlfdNRCVL7gogL5oIw," Agence France Presse, August 21, 2009
Mark Schmid, communications director of TalkTalk, said: "With so many scams out there, Britons have become very sceptical of companies giving money away — so we have turned to Put-Pocketing to give something back. "While unconventional, we don't think anyone is going to mind finding a crisp £20 in their pocket courtesy of the activity."
—Jennifer Whitehead, " TalkTalk courts controversy with £100k stunt involving ex-pickpocketers: http://www.brandrepublic.com/Industry/TelecomsandIT/News/928197/TalkTalk-courts-controversy-100k-stunt-involving-ex-pickpocketers/," Brand Republic, August 20, 2009
Earliest Citation:
The one I'm doing there I've done for a number of years. It's a silent show reminiscent of Red Skelton. The only thing that's different is I bring magic, pick-pocketing, and put-pocketing (putting things into spectators' pockets) into it.
—Danny Lord, "Lord of Mischief promises real laughs," Wausau Daily Herald, July 21, 2005
Many thanks to Mike Elgan for alerting me to this term. Here's an earlier cite for put-pocket, although it's not at all clear that these "street urchins" are actually putting things in peoples' pockets:
But thieves and crabbiness would seem to be anomalies in this village of 5,000, some 60 miles due north of Detroit, where shops overflow with Christmas cute, and history and antiques and spicy candles flourish. The only sticky fingers working these "Holly-days" belong to the "put-pockets" — little street urchins straight out of Oliver! Who gad about the streets of downtown Holly, singing and dancing for your quarter or two.
—"Tis the ideal season to sing out in praise of the elegant Holly Hotel," The Detroit News, December 3, 1999
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